Bordeaux surroundings

Some important visits in Bordeaux surroundings 

Arcachon Bay

It’s one of the most touristic sites visited in the Aquitaine region.
Situated at 50km west from Bordeaux, the economy is mainly about tourism and oyster aquaculture.  It’s a perfect place for many activities such as fishing and water sports.
Don’t forget to stop by the Dune of Pyla, the tallest sand dune in Europe (height of 110m). 
In the middle of the Arcachon Bay, take the time to visit the famous Birds Island and its huts built on stilts. 

Wine Route of Medoc

Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gironde Estuary, the Medoc is composed of a strip of land 80km long, from north Bordeaux to the Pointe de Grave.
Its exceptional terroir produces most of the most famous wines of Bordeaux including Grands Crus listed in the famous 1855 classification and many Crus Bourgeois. 
Buildings with unusual architectures reveal unconventional originality of the wine properties.
Threw Medoc vineyard, discover some of the most beautiful properties of the region. Take the time to visit and taste fabulous wines.
Vault cellars, oak barrels and wine storehouses witness the wine culture of Gironde. 


This medieval city became a not-to-be-missed tourist site in Gironde with more than 1 million of visitors each year. Saint-Émilion is listed in the UNESCO world heritage since 1999. Its monuments witness a wine and spiritual richness. You can discover at the corner of small steep lanes, many nice places and the underground part of the city, witness of its medieval past.
Its gastronomic and oenological heritage has gained international renown. 

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