Ville de La Ciotat et ses alentours

from June 1, 2018 to Sept. 30, 2018

"Mom, tell me please, are we going in the mountains or at the shore this summer?" "Both my dear, we're going to La Ciotat"

La Ciotat is an ideal destination for the uncertain ones who treasure as much effort as confort. East, there are little mountains and the beautiful Calanques, and west, a seven kilometers long beach borders the city.

With several beaches of sand or pebble, the idleness side of La Ciotat is much developed.

Some of the 7 beaches belonging to La Ciota are very specific. Of course, there is the tourism and disability beach, the non smoking beach... But there is also a dog and pet lovers one (or maybe just for people who do not avoiding them). Furthermore creeks border the Calanques, what allows precious hidden beaches.

But still, an oddity stands at the Calanque de Figuerolles. A restaurant owner couple decided 1956 to open an Inn there. Since the construction, as they are alone on that terrain, the current owner claimed the field as an "Independant Republic of Figuerolles". As though, this "Republic" has its own currency (figs, at 1€= 100grams, they are not joking), its own time zone, its constitution, its constitution and its government. Of course, it is only a very orginal trick to get better known and to have a better exposure.

For those who prefer strolling in town, La ciotat has also a lot to offer.

First, the town is one of the birthplace of cinema with the city of Lyon. La Ciotat houses the "Eden Theatre", the first movie theatre still existing. It has recently been renovated so that you can visit it anytime. As well, the Lumiere brothers (the designers of cinema) have lived there at the Lumiere Castle, which you can also visit. 

The city is also the birthplace of Pétanque (a form of lawn bowling) in 1910, and there is also a commemorative plaque stipulating "On this field, year 1910, was invented the game of Pied tanqué" Pied tanqué means foot stuck on the ground, this is where the the name of Pétanque comes from.

A little higher on a hill stands proudly the Chapel Notre Dame de la garde, built 1610 by the blue penitents. As a steep fifteen minutes walk stands between the city and the chapel, you have to deserve the view. Up there, there is an unobstructed view on La Ciotat, Cassis, but also on the Bec de l'Aigle and on the Riou Archipelago.

Last but not least, the hiking will not disappoint you.

Above all, the National Park of Calanques is a few minutes drive from Cassis. Get involves in day hikings swinging between beach, cliff, and mountain. Your walk will be coupled with a fantastic view all day long on the mediterranean sea, in the atmosphere of Provence. 

If you are in a less wild mood, rendez vous at the Parc du Mugel. It was recently titled for its Palm hedges and botanic garden. Every ingredient is gathered to spend for a perfect family day : beach, picnic areas, natural places and a beautiful botanic garden. 

Finally, the cliffs of Soubeyrane are reachable from Cassis and offer a great range of Landscapes. Many Belvederes, climbing walls and strange rocks make the spell of this site.

As La Ciotat combines all the aspects of a perfect vacation, the city can be claimed a the ideal destination. Planned ahead with family or at last minute with friends, La Ciotat welcomes you with heart and sun all summer long.

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