Parks & Gardens

For your strolls in the city-centre, you will find several parks and gardens. 

Jardin Public – Public Garden

This French formal garden, with a surface of 10 hectares was created in 1746. It was turned into a landscaped garden in 1858. It hosts an Arboretum, a library, and a Natural History Museum. Many activities are intended to children. 

Parc Bordelais – Bordeaux Park

Designed like a public promenade from the 19° century, this historical park of 28 hectares is composed of about 3000 trees (of which a thousand are 100 years old). Many activities are intended to children.

Jardin Botanique - Botanic Garden

The botanical garden has several missions :

  • Famous herbarium of France,
  • Public awareness,
  • Scientific exchanges on botanic matters
  • Advice and expertise in plants areas

It has known a great development with the opening of a new 4 hectares area in La Bastide district to complete the historical building located in the Public Garden.