from Sept. 10, 2018 to Dec. 31, 2018

  • VCub, what is it ?

V Cub or V³ are bikes given by the municipality of Bordeaux. It is a public renting bike service, working the same way as Vélo’ve in Paris or Vélib’ in Lyon.

  • Where can we find the incredible VCub ?

You can find v cub station neare almost every bus, tramway ou trainstation. If you can not find the nearest station, go on TBM, or download the « V³ facile » application which will guide you to the closest station.

  • When can we use these incredible bikes ?

V³ can be used 7 days a week and 24h a day. Like anytime.

  • How much will I pay for this incredible V³ bike ?

1 day ticket : 1,70€

7 days ticket : 7,70€

Other fares on VCub's website.

  • Why use VCub when you have an incredible car or incredible public transports ?

​To be more environment-friendly, more sportive, quicker, cheaper, more flexible, more hipster ...

Find V Cub right next to our hôtel !

Just 300meters away from our hotel stands a VCub station, in front of a pharmacy and the marché des Capucins. If you are not 100% sure of what you understood, just ask the reception and they will know how to help you.

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