handy victoria garden bordeaux

from Oct. 10, 2017 to Oct. 10, 2018

Handy smartphone is a tool especially dedicated to the national clientele and the foreigner’s, whose staying in many hotels around the world.

Since October the 10th of 2017, it’s the ideal mobile companion for a modern stay in Appart'Hôtel Victoria Garden  Bordeaux.

It’s a very simple using, just like your phone: allowing a free and unlimited access 4G, just as the telephone calls to several countries all the world (Europa, USA, China, HK, Japan and Canada).

It’s also an advantage for the professional travelers, providing them more comfort and trick to save time.

  • Special features…

With a specific contents for each destination (restaurant addresses, shops, museums…), Handy will guide you throughout your stay in Bordeaux and its beautiful region, enabling to miss nothing (thanks to the push notifications = alert message, directly integrate into the smartphone)!

No reason to don’t use it! Using Handy always comes free of charge, moreover it is convenient (simple transport, wirelessly rechargeable but on a base directly available in your room), and it also integrate all the features whose you must for answering to yours expectations.

Finally, it also allows you to post comments (suggestions or criticisms…) about our establishment and places visited.

  • About Handy…

Handy is the first mobile’s using system conceived for the hotel industry.

Thrown for the first time in September, 2012, it contributes to solve the ancestral traveler’s problem: free and unlimited access to internet (for each travels in Bordeaux and its surroundings), as well as a guide service for travel adapted for each guest (according to his linguistic or cultural preferences), with hotel’s specific services also include.

Remain connected any time with handy:

  • Choice of the language
  • Unlimited Calls (local and international Calls & from room to room)
  • Free Internet access
  • Download of applications (Social Networks, Google Maps, Emails)
  • Guide of the city and its good plans (To visit, Shops, Restaurants & bars, Activities)
  • Informations and exclusive offers of the Appart’Hôtel Victoria Garden Bordeaux!